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MagnetoSpeed T1000 Gen 2 Target Hit Indicator

Price: $145.00
(as of Feb 03,2020 00:03:49 UTC – Details)

Product Description

MagnetoSpeed Gen 2 T1000 Target Hit IndicatorMagnetoSpeed Gen 2 T1000 Target Hit Indicator

The MagnetoSpeed T1000 Gen 2 Target Hit Indicator Kit is a rugged target hit indicator with a weatherproof enclosure and long battery life. With our Gen 2, we have increased the battery life even longer, and it can now last over one year in standby mode. It is designed to be mounted on the back of AR500 steel targets 10 inches in width or greater. While mounted, it is in an always-on state waiting for the next shot. The flexible rubber reflector is designed to withstand many impacts before needing to be replaced.

side view close up

side view close up

t1000 gen2

t1000 gen2

interior view

interior view

brand view

brand view

Easy to Mount and Move

Target preparation for the T1000 Gen 2 is quick and simple. It is also easily transferable to multiple targets using common industrial-strength Velcro tape.

FlexPrism Technology

Included is our FlexPrism with Bullet Pass Technology. The Bullet Pass Technology is made from urethane rubber that resists damage when struck by bullets. Light from red or yellow LED’s transmit through the urethane for highly visible light.

Adjustable Sensitivity

The T1000 settings can adjust sensitivity, flash duration, and cycle miss indication on or off. Red LED’s indicate a hit, while yellow LED’s indicate a miss.

iOS and Android Apps

It is easily seen through any optic that can see the target at that shooting distance. Now configurable by iOS or Android app (T1000 Tuner) by utilizing your phone or electronic device using your audio interface.

take aparttake apart

Multiple Operating Modes

Now Includes Game Modes

The T1000 Gen 2 has multiple operating modes and includes three exciting game modes to best suit your shooting situation. Expanded sensitivity settings and two-method impact verification allow the Gen 2 to be used with calibers ranging from .22 up to .50 BMG for all your shooting needs.

Kit Includes:

T1000 Gen 2 Unit with 2 lithium AA batteries included

Spare FlexPrism reflector

Spare set of mounting Velcro straps

Aiming tool

Rugged target hit indicator with weatherproof enclosure
Mounts on back of AR500 steel targets 10” or wider
Red and yellow LED lights indicate a hit or miss
FlexPrism rubber reflector withstands multiple impacts
Industrial strength Velcro tape included

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