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Apex Legends Hit Regs are FIXED in Season 5! (Raynday Gaming Tik Tok Meme Compilation)

When You Realize Hit Registration is Fixed in Apex Legends for the wrong reason…I make no money on these, so a LIKEand Subscribe go a long way, Raynstorm! We just doing this for the CULTURE.
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New Apex Legends Update FIXES Hit Registration Issues, which means you no longer shoot an enemy on your screen, see it register and make a noise, but do no damage to the enemy on their side. This was a frustrating issue for players, and I decided to make a tiktok about it and share a common feeling – now we actually have to hit our shots to test this? Hope you enjoy this, plus a mashup of all of my other apex legends tiktoks and memes for your enjoyment! Hit me up with a like, sub, comment or whatever if you found yourself enjoying the video!

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